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What Comes AFTER
AFTER is a new breed of theater. Following on the heels of YOUARENOWHERE, AFTER takes both theater and technology to a new dimension. As it turns out, the afterlife is full of new and exciting sights and sounds. This visionary show is set to open in January 2018. Before that can happen, AFTER needs your help.
Andrew Schneider is an award-winning actor and creator based in Brooklyn, NY. His critically acclaimed show, YOUARENOWHERE has won various awards and has toured the world. Apart from theater, Andrew has also invented creative electronics. Andrew earned a BFA from Wesleyan University, and has a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU. Mr. Schneider is excitedly working on his new project, AFTER.
AFTER is so close to coming to life! Are you a theater buff? Are you a techie? Do you call yourself an audiophile? Are you constantly dwelling on the afterlife and what is in store beyond the grave? Sounds like AFTER is the show for you! Join the Kickstarter campaign and help close-out funding, or it will be curtains before this show can even hit the stage.